Adding Value to Your Home

Light Creates Ambiance

Let landscape lighting transform the dormancy of night into a more dramatic, romantic, even mysterious scene; an illumination of the beauty that we see during the day.Typically, we work most of the daylight hours, and, if we’re lucky, we get to enjoy our backyard retreats on the weekends. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home every evening to a yard that’s tastefully lit and inviting? “Light belongs to the heart and spirit. Light attracts people, it shows the way, and when we see it in the distance, we follow it.” Ricardo Legorreta – architect LED landscape lighting can open the door to the night – making a non-illuminated garden, that would otherwise appear dark, boast of rich textures and colors, and what was before shallow and all but forgotten becomes full of depth and the focus of attention. The ambiance of a nicely lighted landscape sets the mood. “We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates.” Junichiro Tanizaki – author

Connect Your Indoors With Your Outdoors

Well-executed night lighting is a continuation of the inside of a home, allowing patios, pools, and pathways to be used for evening entertaining, dining, or relaxing. Lights can inspire romance, intrigue, intimacy, and emotion, enhancing the outdoor setting in ways you may never have experienced. Light has contrast in shadows, creating forms and patterns and silhouettes as brand new subjects of interest. Landscape lighting can also promote safety, security, and a sense of wellbeing. Light can define your property’s borders, while adding depth, color, and nuance. “Light is a powerful substance. We have a primal connection to it. But, for something so powerful, situations for its felt presence are fragile . . . I like to work with it so that you feel it physically, so you feel the presence of light inhabiting a space.” James Turrell – artist Varying levels of light, combined with simple techniques to create impactful effects, are the key elements to creating that irresistible “welcome home” message in your yard. An illuminated landscape stands out to all passersby. It will make a statement that cannot go unnoticed. Learn about the possibilities here.

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