Phoenix Spotlight

Phoenix SQ


raDiance Bulbs and Fixtures
Material: Aluminum, Bronze coat, Ceramic Socket, Convex Lens, 24″ 18-2 Lead Wire, 9″ ABS ground stake with ½” FPT
Size: D2 3/8” x H6 3/4”
Bulb (sold separately): raDiance MR16 5W or 7W
Also compatible with Halogen bulbs
Effects: Up, Down, Grazing, Focal, Back, Shadowing, Cross, Silhouette, Perspective
Beam Spreads: 15°, 30° & 60°

Beam spreads listed are specific to this example; any combination of wattage and beam spread can be used to obtain desired effect.

Included: 2 Waterproof Connectors - FREE
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Phoenix Spotlight phoenix

Perfect for the any DIY minded person looking for a 15°, 30° or 60° beam spread with a variety of effects. The Phoenix Spotlight can be fitted with the AZOL MR16 5W or 7W LED bulbs. Among other uses, the Phoenix Spotlight can be used to cast the shadow of a landscape object onto a vertical surface. This effect is called Shadowing.  Made of bronze coated aluminum, the Phoenix Spotlight is both a durable and attractive fixture for your lighting needs. Check out the full description of range and uses above.