raDiance Bulbs and Fixtures

The raDiance PAR36 LED lamp is lighted by CREE LED, the industry leader in light emitting diodes. This powerful WATERPROOF lamp is designed to fit into standard low voltage PAR36 fixtures and is perfect for new systems and/or retro-fitting. Completely sealed and potted and with heat overload protection, our wide flood PAR36 is built for the harshest environments.

This bulb fits new AZOL lighting fixtures, as well as most other architectural-quality brands including Vista, FX, Unique, and Focus. This LED bulb is WATERPROOF.

  • 600 Lumens (compare to 50watt halogen)
  • Qty 8 CREE emitters
  • 2700K Warm White
  • -30*C–+45*C Operating Temperature
  • >80 Color Rendering Index
  • CE/FCC/ROHS Certified*
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • >80% Energy Savings compared to halogen
  • 5-Year Warranty
* CE/FCC/ROHS Certified
FCC – Federal Communications Commission approved for use in the US.
CE – European conformity marking that indicates that the product complies with all relevant European requirements.
ROHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The electronic item was made without certain hazardous chemicals. This is primarily a European standard. Eletronics sold in Europe are required to be ROHS compliant.